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Quality Policy
Raising our service and hospitality above the international standards, Making new investments, in accordance with the daily conditions, Improving satisfaction by thinking of guest expectations in advance and creating a difference,

Providing the necessary conditions to bring up qualified personnel and integrate to tourism sector of Turkey, Create and maintaining team spirit to generate continuous development, and provide service above our customers` expectations. To become an example to all other enterprises, and create value.

As hotel , together with our employees, creating an environmental consciousness, and leaving a cleaner, safer and healthier environment to the future generations.

Our standard of quality, with all our  employees adopted, to fulfill the requirements, and to work with our suppliers and subcontractors to ensure implementation of the requirements of the standard, thrive together.

Our customers and our staff`s expectations which are  concerned, in line with the rules of hygiene in accordance with the legal conditions of the frame which is provided the highest level  in the traditional Turkish cuisine and world cuisines ,to prepare and submit with our staffs are to be trained

Side Star Hotels with strategic human resources management aims ,adding local staffs who will represent and  improve own brand and corporate culture , with  offered them by us professional and personal development opportunities to have increase with self and added value,and provide  enhancing the institution persistence

Our Principles and Beliefs;

To provide with  motivation of our employees by giving priority to ensure loyalty to the company, to keep them open the developments with education which is arrenged by us all times, To have  increase efficiency in line with career accordence line of  performance-based reward and appreciate,to have inform about occupational health and safety all times. With our social responsibility, social sensitivity,environment consciousness,  exhibit exemplary behaviors to the society, and we adopt  law-abiding and not compromising our ethics, transparent and honest management.

Employee Profile:

to compensate the manpower as placing the right people for the right job. And we work the staffs who is opened own for change and development and for guests oriented, and believed for team affair,adopted own job and making participation ,believed  strategy, aim and objectives ,using efficient  natural resources and sensitive about environmentally conscious, behaving the  sample behaved and high sensitivity  for social responsibility, , depended ethical values ​​and law-abiding. We provide the staffs,keeping sustainable tourism resources , keeped own for developments and  living area where the our company located                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

General Coordinator
  • Fischer 2018
  • Zover Gold
  • Corendon
  • Tui Top Quality 2017
  • Holiday Check 2016
  • Think Green
  • Gold Travel Life
  • Tripadvisor 2015 Mükemmellik Sertifikası
  • Zoover 2015 Award winner silver
  • Schauinsland Top Hotel Partner 2015
  • Tui Top Quality 2015
  • Tui çevre 2015
  • Tui Holly 2015
  • Mavi Bayrak
  • ISO 22000:2005
  • Yeşil Yıldız 2013-2014-2015
  • Zoover 2014 highly recommented
  • Corendon Hotel of the Year Award 2014
  • Tui çevre 2014
  • Travel Life