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Environmental Policy
Journey to the heart of nature begins! Loyalty to nature comes to lives…
Welcome Side Star Hotels the green transformation where we dignify the green unconditionally!
As Side Star Hotels, we believe that the World is a huge family. We regard the sky as our father, the earth as our mother and everything relating to nature as our siblings.
We appreciate time, nature and energy sources and thus use all types and possibilities that technology has to offer in a way that does not harm nature.
We invite you to join us on this journey to the heart of nature, a World where loyalty to nature comes to life and we expect you to support us from your heart, following our environmental awareness and our service understanding.

In 1960, the agricultural land per capita was 0.44 hectares. Today, however, it is less than 0.25 i.e. almost half a hectare. According to the most optimistic estimations on the fertile agricultural lands, the countries need 0.07 hectares per capita agricultural land to be self-sufficient regarding foof supply.

We have set an environmental policy that enables us to contribute to the ecological balance to present clean and sufficient resources for future generations. We have been amount and its elimination or the reduction of energy consumption and will continue with this work.

Our aim is leave an environment with sufficient resources to future generations. Our understanding of environmental protection is to reduce thrconsumption of natural resources by keeping damage to soil, water, and air and any risk to environment at its minimum.
Today, 505 million people in the World live in countries that are suffering from water shortage or water scarcity. It is thought that this number will rise up t 2.4 or to 3.4 billion wens it is 2025.
We intervene in the unnecessary and excessive use of resources by monitoring the consumption of water, energy, and chemical materials.
We prevent pollution of the sea, soil, and the groundwater by diverting our waste water to treatment facilities of the MATAB     (Association for Environmental Protection and the Formation of Tourist Infrastructure in Manavgat)
We support infrastructural planning by monitoring and controlling the amount of solid waste production.
As we sort out solid waste and hand on to recycling we avoid unnecessary energy use and thus pollution by primary production.
Hazardous waste such as batteries, light bulbs, toner, inkjet, cartridges, machine oils, electronic Office supplies are stored in specially built hermetic areas. Such waste is passed on to Hazardous Waste Operators.
The marquis shrub lands of Antalya are becoming smaller with each day… The Worldwide flora is rapidly diminishing and within this flora 60 species are only growing in Antalya!

Saving in heating and cooling. Decrease in the global warming! By using double-glazing in the rooms and restaurants we do not only spend 20% less energy in heating and cooling. But also make a contribution to reduce global warming.
Heat regulation – adjustment
The temperature in each room is under thermostatic control and can be adjusted independently. The entrance doors are equipped with porches and air curtains.
Minimum energy consumption with energy-saving air conditioners!
The rooms are equipped with a system that turns off electricity supply after the guests have left the room. By using class energy – efficient air-conditioners. We save 33% more energy every year compared to air conditioners of lower class.
Designed saving in lighting!
A specially designed lighting system enables us to avoid unnecessary lighting and to achieve the highest level of energy saving using lamps of class A.
Sufficient lighting when necessary!
We can prevent the loss of even a single light beam by using lights with motion sensors in general areas.
Non-poultice and renewable energy with solar energy!
The produce hot water we use environmentally friendly and renewable energy sources like solar energy.
Advanced technology to save more energy!
We prevent power surges by using frequency inverter in air-conditioners as well as in water boosters. Heat pumps allow us to reduce energy consumption to a minimum.

Less water consumption, more life!
We avoid unnecessary water consumption by using special water taps and shower heads with water pressure regulation or water taps, shower heads and urinals working with photocells and time control. With such a system we plan to save 40 million litters water a year.
Water is respect to life and nature!
Low – volume reservoirs reduce the consumption of toilet waste water, so that the already limited water sources are kept under control. This technique we to save 20 million litter of toilet waste each year.
Watch out for leaks, caring the nature!
We train our personnel no notice and prevent the leakages in the room toilets, and expect also from our guest to inform us if they notice such leakages.
Both comfort and water saving!
We offer you low shower cabinets were you can enjoy your shower in a spacious area and consume less water at the same time.
Being a natural part of environment!
Our garden which is in harmony with nature is only watered during night-time with dropping and sprinkler systems. Thanks to this system we avoid the excessive consumption of water and its vaporization.

Water, chemical and energy saving in one! With our guest`s contribution…
To limit the water consumption for cleaning towels and linens, we change them in cooperation with our guests and only on their demand.
For the health of man and nature, minimum quantity in chemical consumption!
The consumption of disinfectant chemicals that we use in our pools is held under control by an automatic dosing system.
The ants accommodate and feed many other arthropod species in their homes. The key of this hospitality is the capability of both the guest and the host to communicate.
Thank you for not smoking!
A fifth of our rooms are reserved four our non-smoker guests and thus we help to protect the health.
Pioneering ecological movement using environmentally friendly gas!
We use ozone-friendly gases in our air conditioners and cooling units, and keep their efficiency at top level by maintaining them regularly.
Bicycle tours along the coast?
We inform our guest about public transportation and encourage them to make use of it. For short trips we provide bikes – in this way we will also contribute to a reduction of carbon dioxide emission.
With each step, closer to be part of nature!
All detergents that we us for cleaning. Dishwashing (manual and dishwasher) and for general cleaning are biologically degradable.
Biofuel production from used vegetable oils!
We save used vegetable oils and pass them on to special companies for free where they do the processing into biofuel.

Maintenance and repair helps us to control environmental risks. The maintenance and repair of all equipment`s used in the operation is carried out according to law and regulations.
A visual feast in harmony with nature, a habitat for animals!
We protect the nature where we live by enhancing a rich garden planning and at the same time we set a corner stone to build an environment where animals of the region can find a place to live.
Participation in environmental protection
We also improve our contribution to ecology by assessing our guest`s onions with the help of surveys.
Energy and measuring!
To calculate the expenses of the responsible departments and devices in the operation, we installed water and energy meters. This allows us to measure the consumption of our restaurant and bars. The results recorded in a report.
Adoption of our corporate culture and mission by all our employees!
For our employees we set an education plan with seminars in which we explain our work of environment protection – this education will also enhance their participation and increase their productivity.
The most valuable concept is ‘development of awareness`
By including such as ‘the ecological equilibrium`, the rational use of natural resources and environmental protection in our Daily animation activities we support our children acquire and develop awareness for environment.
Be prepared against risks and threats!
Since we are in the vicinity of a forest area, our staffs are regularly trained in fire safety measures. Thus in the event of a fire the necessary steps can be immediately taken.

‘No` to fast consumption, ‘Yes` to local production!
We try to avoid as much as possible disposable packages and products in our restaurants and bars; emerging waste is stored and then passed on to licensed hazardous waste operators for recycling. Free of charge. We also support organic production by using raw materials with eco-labels for the production of alternative food and beverage.
Waste separation by our guests
In common areas we have sorting points where our guests can separate their waste. On the hotel floors we also provide special boxes for used batteries and medical waste.
It is not only recycling but also support to society!
Each year we continue to add value to production by donating all recyclable commodities to recycling stations, to schools or charity foundations.
Neutrality is hidden in the detail!
By using environmentally friendly materials for renovation or repair work we give an enormous effort to bring all details in harmony with nature.

Flowers are beautiful words of nature, which shows us how much she loves us.
Johan Wolfgang von Goethe.

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