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Dear members of our Side Star Hotels,
Your health and comfort are very important to us.

Our priority is to offer you a hygienic holiday opportunity that make you feel safe.

For this In general, we would like to introduce you to our increased hygiene and cleaning measures, which we took against the current COVID-19 pandemic and against risks, with the present hygiene plan

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as a Side Star hotel group, we have added further new standards to our existing procedures for hygiene and cleaning standards, "ISO 22000«- food safety management system and "GreenKey" -environmental education program, which we strictly follow in our hotels:

    • the announcements and recommendations of the "WHO" World Health Organization and Science Committee of the Turkish Ministry of Health,

    • Opinions and suggestions of sector associations and Turkish culture and ministry of tourism.

Our hotel's cleaning and disinfection schedule has been updated by our quality management team and has been hung up so that in every department our staff can see it.

Also, health and safety at work committees have been created, which are  under the chairmanship of our general managers, and the Committee has been necessary trained.


We pay particular attention to the health and hygiene awareness of our staff, because these are the most important factors in an efficient and general hygiene practice.

    • The Shutlles used by our staff on the way to and from work are regularly disinfected before and after the transfer. During the transfers, the personnel are required to wear a mask.

    • Before starting work, our staff is subjected to a general health check and a fever measurement is carried out using digital thermometers. In the event of a high fever or other symptoms, the start of work is prohibited as part of our action plan, and those affected are sent to the hospital.

    • Our staff undergo a disinfection process before starting work. Staff uniforms are often changed and washed.

    • Sufficient disinfection units have been provided in all general personnel and work areas. Beside to hand disinfection, all of our employees are required to wash their hands according to the rule every hour.

    • Our staff have to wipe the shoes they wear every day.

    • All of our staff who work in housekeeping, in the cleaning services, in the kitchen and in the dish wasing, they must work with a mask and disposable gloves.

    • In all general personnel areas have been provided posters and brochures related to the pandemic and in these areas, compliance with the safe distance is mandatory.

    • All of our staff have been trained by specialist companies on protective measures and the current pandemic. These training courses will continue to be updated. These topics are dealt with repeatedly in the meetings and regularly checked.

    • In order to raise the awareness of the staff in addition to the training courses, we provided an information text about the measures taken with regard to COVID-19.

    • Workplace doctors work for our staff in all of our hotels.


Guest rooms, restaurants, bars, SPA, health facilities, children's clubs, playgrounds, general areas, meeting rooms, other guest areas, kitchen areas, staff areas, offices and storage areas of our hotels are disinfected in detail and regularly with a known disinfectant that contains hydrogen peroxide in a basic environment.


All of our hotels have used chemical cleaning products supplied by the world famous companies. They all have the required certificates. The companies regularly offer our responsible staff detailed training. In this way, the correct means and the appropriate dose are used for cleaning. The cleaning works are carried out with the right equipment for each area.

    • All general areas, toilets, frequently touched surfaces, door handles, banisters, elevators, elevator buttons, sinks, taps, urinals and toilet bowls are cleaned with the right chemical cleaning agent more often than now. The cleanings are carefully checked using prepared checklists.

    • In all general areas and necessary places were provided Hand disinfection stations.

    • Only half of the capacity is used by the elevators. The capacity utilization are determined for each elevator. The new operating instructions for the elevator have been visibly replaced.

    • The seating areas in general areas were newly set up according to the safety distance regulation.


In order to be able to offer our hotel guests a hygienic and safe check-in and check-out procedure, some additional precautions were taken;

    • At the entrance, the suitcases and additional luggage will be disinfected by the staff, then brought to the hotel and delivered safely to our guests' rooms.

    • The fever measurement of our guests is carried out with the thermal imaging cameras directly at our entrance gates. In case of doubt, this information will only be shared with the data subject in accordance with the law on the protection of personal data and the necessary steps will be taken as outlined in our action plan.

    • In order to avoid a crowds, all precautions have been taken and secure waiting areas for possible waiting times have been placed. Check-in procedures will be carried out there.

    • Our Reception personnel will provide you with a form that contains information about the measures and precautions taken regarding COVID-19. This information form is also available in a digital version.

    • At the Reception are provided a hand disinfectant, mask, disposable gloves and medical waste bags. In the luggage room is also a hand disinfectant.

    • Door cards will be prepared and disinfected before guests' check-in and presented in protective covers.

    • The contactless readers for payment methods will be regularly disinfected.

    • In the check-in and check-out procedures  will be provided the Safe physical distance rules.

    • In the lobby, the welcome treats will be presented in packaged form.


With our trained and professional staff, is our aim to offer you a hygienic and sterile stay in all of our guest rooms.

    • Our Housekeeping staff and administrators working in room cleaning with masks and disposable gloves. These materials are changed frequently.

    • We have reduced the number of rooms per housekeeping staff. At the beginning of room cleaning, the rooms are first disinfected, then aired out and then the necessary hygiene and cleaning is carried out with the greatest care within the lines our specified cleaning standards.

    • Our baby beds are disinfected before and after use.

    • Effective disinfectants, bleaches and chemicals are used for cleaning the rooms, these are internationally recognized and certified. In particular, the door blades, taps, telephone receivers, TV remote controls, remote controls for the air conditioning systems, light switches, kettles and minibars are also additionally disinfected after cleaning.

    • Sheets and towels are changed every day. The clothes are collected in separate bags.

    • All sheets and towels are washed in sufficient time  at 90 °C degrees.

    • Bathroom amenities that are provided daily for our guests are thoroughly disinfected beforehand. In addition to the hygiene products, hand disinfectants are also included in this set.

    • Our minibar products are first disinfected, then filling up.

    • After cleaning, our rooms are aired out thoroughly for 1 hour.

    • After check-out, the room is thoroughly disinfected and cleaned. The room is then in sufficient time ozonized and new guests are not accepted for 12 hours.


In order to be able to offer you good service in a healthy and safe ambiance, we have added further new measures and regulations to our existing «ISO 22000» food safety management system, which we strictly follow in our hotels. We see some of them as follows:

    • In our food and beverage units will taken Precautions to maintain the required  safe physical distance.

    • The buffet will increasingly focus on show and editing dishes, which can be distributed by the staff to the guests. Since the original presentation form of the buffet of salad, starters and dessert is not possible, the presentation form will minimize here (individual - contact-reducing).

    • As many a'la carte restaurants will be opened as possible, they will be offered free of charge for our guests.

    • Disinfection devices are installed in all food and beverage units and can be reached from anywhere.

    • Cutlery sets will put on the table in paper or plastic packaging by our staff. The cutlery sets will opened by the guests themselves.

    • Salt and pepper will served at the tables in disposable packaging.

    • No cloth napkin will be used  out on the tables, cruet stands are thoroughly disinfected after each use.

    • The dishes are washed at 60-65 ° C in the dishwasher and rinsing at 80-85 ° C and will served again with disposable dishes.

    • All bar stools will removed.

    • In all food and beverage units,  all drinks are served by service personnel.

    • Guests will not used the self-service tea and coffee machines in the restaurants.

    • The general cleaning of the food and beverage units and the cleaning of the tables, chairs, counters, and other materials such as buffets is carried out properly and carefully disinfected before and after serving.

    • In the food and beverage units are used ventilation systems effectively. The rooms are supplied with fresh air from the outside.


In the hammam, sauna, massage areas, steam and fitness rooms are observed the highest hygiene standards. Disposable materials are mainly used.

The capacity of the hammam, sauna, fitness room and steam bath were limited according to hygienic measures.

All sports equipment in our fitness room will be disinfected immediately after each use.

The changing rooms, showers, toilets, wardrobes- keys, used towels and peshtemal are properly cleaned and disinfected.


A fun and safe holiday and happiness of the children is of course important to us.

Ozonation, disinfection with hydrogen peroxide and cleaning of the used areas is carried out with great care and at regular intervals.

The responsible staff in the children's club is made up of specialist staff who undergo certain hygiene training. They are also responsible for daily hygiene, cleaning and implementation.


The distance between the sunbeds on the pool area and on the beach will be newly set up according to the safe physical distance rules.

To prevent diseases and infections, the pool is cleaned as usual according to certain chemical values.

All sunbeds are daily disinfected and cleaned.

In indoor pool is ensured that the ventilation system operate without any problem.

In our hotels, sports and entertainment activities are resiliently continued according to the safe physical distance regulation.

Stay healthy.
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